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4 thoughts on “If Only I Can Tell You ”

April 2, 2018

There are moments when eyes speaks a language which makes the hearts to beat together.

Those moments were not from a text book or from a romantic movie, it’s when the right person who enters just in the right time and push the reset button of your life and changes everything… JUST LIKE THAT.

It’s not a curse that you are surrounded by darkness, may be a person is following your foot prints and doesn’t want you to know unless he wants you to…

That person will come closer real soon, will catch your fingers, walk with you a distance, exchange a ring and will fall in your smile every single time, no matter how longer your journey of life is,

There may not be all perfect moments but you will realize that it was worth walking in the dark alone and to find someone, the one, for whom you are the only brightest beautiful light.

Moon never looses its radiance, its the positive thunder that your smile brings which puts the moon to shame.

Sun and the Moon runs and hide, They cant reach you no matter what.. Not just lucky enough,

You dont have to tell anything,
You dont have to have trouble breathing,
You dont have to feel empty,
You dont have to wait for the one word,
You dont have to fear,
You dont have to stop your words,

God is still listening to your lengthy prayers,
Right person, steps in at the right time,
And changes your life… FOREVER.




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